Saturday, February 7, 2009

Leaked Music: Ryan Leslie ft. Keri Hilson-How It Was Supposed To Be

I really can not get enough of this song! Ryan knew what he was doing when he put this track together; so it is only right for the song to have a remix. The remix to How It Was Supposed To Be has surfaced on the web and it features the sultry Keri Hilson.

Not a fan of the remix at all.

First of all, Keri is a great singer and I don't feel like she brought it. I'm beginning to think that the track was released without being properly mixed because it seems like the beat is overpowering Keri's voice. It sounds like her voice is coming from far away; Pretty much it's hard to make out what her hook is.

Either way, I'm sure there's an explanation for this, I hope. I love the song but the remix could have been ALOT better. I still adore the both of you, just make sure to refrain from feeding us garbage or my adoration will turn sour :-).

Ryan Leslie ft. Keri Hilson-How It Was Suppose To Be

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