Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Twitterati: Soulja Boy vs. Fabolous = No, Really?!

I am starting to understand why some people refer to Twitter as the devil. There is something about the allure of the phrase "What's Happening" that encourages people to either give you TMI or receive pseudo courage that leads to  the creation of challenges they have very little chance of winning.

Here enters the "beef" between Soulja Boy and Fabolous.
Following the whole Kat Stacks/Soulja Boy "cocaine" video, Fabolous and other tweeters took the liberty of making lemonade out of lemons on Soulja's behalf making fun of the situation and his supposed stupidity. Whether it was him on the tape or not remains to be confirmed but the majority have determined that it was him.

Anyway, Fabolous was recently on New York's Hot 97 where he spit a freestyle. In said freestyle, Fabolous made mention of Soulja Boy allegedly using cocaine.

Soulja wasn't happy...

In response, Soulja Boy took to his twitter and began unleashing a batch of colorful tweets slamming Fabolous personally.

He then did the unthinkable: he said and I quote "I will murder that n--ga fab in a freestyle battle he garbage compared to soulja boy." Yes, he really did say that.

Not sure how confident Soulja Boy is of himself, but he is more sure of himself than anyone else is -- which is natural to a point. He is an entertainer and can come up with a quirky dance step or two I give him that; but a freestyle...

You be the judge.

You see, Fabolous built his career off of freestyling. That is how he made his entrance into Hip-Hop, as a freestyle rapper. Soulja Boy on the other hand, made his entrance with a dance.

People could really care less for the lyrics of Soulja's songs, but whatever. Let him eat cake. If he wants to battle rap I'll definitely be front and center. Who knows, he'll probably surprise us all.

SideBar: I hope everyone understands that in this battle, pre-written rhymes are not OK...

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