Friday, September 10, 2010

Maino Snaps And Gets Violent On New Reality Show 'World Of Jenks' [Video]

On the premiere episode of documentary filmmaker Andrew Jenks' new reality show "World Of Jenks" Andrew gets acquainted with Maino's violent side.
As Andrew tags along with rapper Maino to learn more about the rapper and his lifestyle, the filmmaker soon realizes that Maino is more than just a cliche rapper that spends his time entertaining groupies and popping bottles; he learns that Maino is a person that defeats all odds to follow his dream.

I'll admit during the first few minutes of the episode, I cringed at the loads of stereotypes oozing out my computer screen; but by the end, it becomes clear that Maino is just living his dream and enjoying his wealth.

Although, Andrew and Maino bond throughout their experience together, at one point in the episode Maino snaps after Andrew confronts him about his lifestyle and the young fans that look up to him. Somewhere between Maino explaining his past and pointing out his scar on the right side of his face, Maino grabs Andrew by the neck choking him while laying a few smacks.

According to Andrew, he wasn't scared during the tussle; but he later admitted after watching the footage and hearing Maino's friend tell Maino to "let him live" referring to Andrew, he realized that things could have gotten serious.

The show is a good watch if you ask me...

Check out the full episode of "World of Jenks" featuring Maino below before its premiere on Monday, September 13 at 10PM ET/PT only on MTV.

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