Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jay-Z raises the bar at benefit concert at MSG

I wish a mutherphucker would tell me that Jay-Z is "too old" to rap after watching him bring the house down at Madison Square Garden last night. Now I can't lie, I was caught doing research and completely forgot that the live airing of his concert at MSG was last night at 9PM. Lucky for me it came to me while I was stuffing my face so I tuned in just in time to get a gist of the great performances.

First of all, can we please talk about his impeccable stage presence? The man is a genius as far as knowing what the crowd wants. He had the entire arena singing along to his songs, he could have put the mic on the stage floor and let the crowd take over, that's how real it was.

Then lets talk about how he was able to get some of the hottest performers to come out and blow the stage up with their presence. You know, the big one's like Ms. Mary J. Blige, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and wifey Beyonce to name a few....

He even pulled Rihanna off of her daily shopping spree during the oh-so popular Fashion Week out here in NYC to get to work on that friggin stage.

^^^F.Y.I. This was her first live performance since the infamous February 8th. The show was pure and utter banana pudding people. I know for sure that the same rappers who were calling Jay too old were the same one's with their eyes glued to their TV screens with a pen and notepad taking's OK everyone must learn from someone.

The show was insane and what added honey to the tea was the fact that all of the proceeds went to the New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children Benefit Fund. I love it when rappers give know, they do-do that.

Jay-Z lifted our spirits yesterday and I can honestly say for the first time in a longtime September 11th was not so dreary. That is how music can be yummy for the soul.

This performance had me exhausted...I was too hyped for words.

You can catch the replay of the show tomorrow at 5 PM on Fuse TV.

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