Sunday, May 3, 2009

M.Y. Sunday Kind Of Love: Alicia Keys-Like You'll Never See Me Again

Alicia Keys - Like You'll Never See Me Again video (Common)
by heyrox

Sunday is here and we are in a new month. We are getting closer and closer to Summer which means that right this minute love is blossoming or the petals of a love that no longer exist are now starting to wither.

Our Sunday Kind Of Love is brought to us courtesy of Alicia Keys with her song "Like You'll Never See Me Again". This song says a mouthful. It signifies being grateful and thankful for time and living each day as if it is your last.

It's hard to imagine that just yesterday we were celebrating New Years and now we are half-way through the year. Cherish the love that you have, and despite what people may want to portray about love, there is no love that is perfect it is the problems that you experience and overcome with your significant other that makes your bond stronger.

Have a happy Sunday!

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