Friday, May 1, 2009

Lil Jon and Kelly Rowland strap-up, swine flu style

I have to send a special thanks out to Lil Jon (pictured above) and Kelly Rowland (pictured below) for giving me a good and hearty laugh today. This swine flu has really got people doing the most darnedest things huh?

Now, I know that the swine flu is said to be very serious in most countries and new cases emerging left and right in the U.S.; but can someone please explain to me how the mask is supposed to prevent a person from getting the swine flu?

If Kelly or Jon decide to eat out I do hope they know that they are in danger of contracting the oh so terrifying swine flu; in which case, the masks will be completely useless.

These masks are about to make a fashion statement, they are already appearing on Japanese runways. F.Y.I., the key to preventing the swine flu that's got everyone on edge is to do it the old fashion way, eat healthy and increase your intake of vitamins, fruits, and veggies this way your immune system is strengthened which is the ultimate determining factor of you getting sick; and wash your hands you know, the normal and simple things in life.

I can't wait to see how other artists get creative with their masks. I am shocked no one has bedazzled their's with diamonds and trinkets yet...I guess time will tell.

{Kelly's photo spotted at-Toya's World}

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