Saturday, January 17, 2009

Young Jeezy ft. Nas "My President Is Black"

Here is the new video from Young Jeezy featuring Nas for Jeezy's single "My President Is Black". (Sniff) Now I'm not crazy about the song simply because I have a hard time understanding Jeezy but I must admit...somehow the video still moves me to tears. Okay...maybe not tears but it does cause my eyes to water just a tad.

I like Nas' flow and verse however I think he could have come harder. I do love the video; seeing everyone together all shapes, sizes, shades, and genders chanting "my president is black" is just so moving.

I can be a little sensitive, I know.

I do have a question, why does Jeezy still need to talk about his cars?!

I give this video a yummy B+ for hip hop starting a political movement, using your voice for good is always beneficial and important.

Side Order: Am I the only one that thinks Jeezy would do best as a hype man? I just love his ad libs and I'm crossing my fingers that he will consider doing voice overs for cartoons...

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