Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ryan Leslie "How It Was Suppose To Be" Pt.2

Ryan Leslie is pulling a Kanye. He has decided to release 3 video's for this one song, "How It Was Suppose To Be". In this version of "How It Was Suppose To Be" Ryan is an Army Cadette with a singing group who decides to put on a show for some of their fellow soldiers. Tyson Beckford makes an appearance.

I happen to really like this song and I think I'm getting to like Ryan's awkwardness. I like this video just a bit much. Unlike the last video, it doesn't fit the ordinary prototype of half naked woman squirming seductively and R&B male singer singing and begging for her love; that's just so boring. This video was creative and interesting.

I give this video a yummy B+ for showing that soldiers love and hurt too...but can they sing and dance with tight shirts and pants?

Side Bar: lol @ Ryan and Tyson fighting. Can Tyson do a video without fighting with the artist?! Strange. Oh! And let me just say, fighting over girls or boys is wack and so 1995 so don't even think about it. Stay tune for part 3 of the video saga...

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