Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kat DeLuna ft. Lil Wayne "Unstoppable"

Here is a new video from Kat DeLuna featuring Lil Wayne for her single "Unstoppable". I have one question, what is this?! This is an extremely bad video, my goodness!

Way too much make-up for a simply beautiful girl (who is trying so hard to be sexy) and those nails have seriously got to go, tacky. This will most likely give me nightmares this weekend.

Let's have a talk about the edgy overdose these celebrities have been undergoing. When we the fans said we wanted you to be original, we didn't think you were going to take it this far! Slow down please, my word.

I'm not even gonna speak on Lil Wayne because I said enough about him last year; he'll just be like the broken door in my apartment building lobby, there and not acknowledged.

I give this video a yummy D for causing me to hang a dream catcher over my bed *shutters at thought*.

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