Friday, January 23, 2009

Nina B's version for DJ Khaled's "Go Hard"

I really do like this Nina B chick! Here is the remix video for DJ Khaled's "Go Hard" single that features Kanye and T-Pain. Nina B went in and decided to add her own version to the mix.

I like her style a lot it's so rough but cute. She has the "screw face" on lock. If you can remember, she went and remixed Beyonce's Diva and did a pretty good job. I think we might just have to look out for this one right here she just might be a keeper.

Side Order: Speaking of Kanye, did yall see that mess he did to his head?! Clearly, he has way too much money and does not know what to do with it. I'm sorry but enough is truly enough. Everybody wants to be edgy these days and it is backfiring horribly.

It's cool to be different yes, but the line must be drawn somewhere and that afrullet (afro meets mullet) skipped, hopped, and kicked that line too damn far...come on back Kanye, come on back.

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