Wednesday, January 21, 2009

J. Holiday "It's Yours"

I tell you, J. Holiday is quite the lover boy! Here is the new video from J.Holiday for his single "It's Yours" off of his sophomore effort Round 2 and it's an ode to love.

I thought he was going to use the same girl that he used for his other two video's but I guess he decided to change it up a bit, she was cute; the young lady in this video is cute too don't get me wrong.

Anyhow, this is for you Holiday fans and to those of you who thought he was going to be a one hit wonder; looks like he applied some crazy glue on his success of "Bed" and is planning to stick around.

What I like about Holiday is the fact that his videos aren't very flashy and fantasy-filled. They are very personable and real, you know natural-esque. Hopefully he remains this way, you know how money changes some artists. His album entitled Round 2 is scheduled for release in March.

I give this video a yummy B+ for just being real and about the song.

Side Order: I'm not even gonna lie, I hated on "Bed" when it first came out. I just felt the radio was exhausting the heck out of it. But now everytime it comes on, it makes me smile...

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