Thursday, January 22, 2009

Keyshia Cole "You Complete Me"

Here is the new video from Keyshia Cole for her single "You Complete Me" off of her album A Different Me. The video is very nice on the eyes. I am really starting to like Keyshia. She's evolved into a very personable young woman and she looks great!

The video is compiled of two seperate scenes; one being various shots of Keyshia and the other being of a wedding that basically gives meaning to the lyrics in the song. Overall, it's a very simple yet cute video.

I give this video a yummy A for Keyshia's fabulosity level going up a few look good girl!

Side Order: I really do like her reality show. Isn't it crazy how Frankie can still pull men in?! She changes them like every other episode! "This is my man"...

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