Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yung Berg "Outerspace"

(Sigh) I have a feeling MTV is not going to put this video in heavy rotation. Here is Yung Berg's video for his song "Outerspace" and I am begging someone to take me out of my misery. Yet another auto-tune track. Ummm Berg, you are about 2 months late. Thank the heavens this year is almost over; if we're lucky, we will forget about this song by next week.

I think we have all moved past this crap already..ugh!

I can not stand the song and how dare you try to sing too! Seriously?! I mean really?! Come on. Boo boo boooo!

You know what whatever...I honestly didn't expect anything more.

I give this video a yummy D for his failed attempt at jumping on the auto-tune ban wagon after it was parked and set a blaze (hopefully)...dare to dream right? lol

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