Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Natasha "Sidekick"

Here is a new video from new comer Natasha and its called Sidekick. I have little care for the song because it does little for me, just another dance song that comes equipped with a dance that I will most likely try to learn by the end of this post :-). It seems like the battle-dancing-artists-winning videos are the go-to ideas for the first video for new artists that can dance...ugh! VARIETY!!

I love her voice! I've been hearing the likes of Beyonce's overpowering voice and other artists trying to mimic her sound that now I just want a simple pretty airy voice these days.

Looks like Ciara has a little competition seeing that Natasha looks like a combination of her and Keri Hilson. What sets her apart though that I really like, is that she does a little rapping in the song.

Could we have a Lauren Hill-esque performer again? Hopefully she does her own thing because one thing I can't stand is another "next" somebody.

Overall, I give this video a yummy B+ for sex appeal and a dance that doesn't annoy me like the rest; ding-dong the superman dance is dead...hooray!

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