Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Video's for "Halo" & "Diva" available today

Beyonce knows exactly how to keep her fans happy and hooked. Beyonce will be releasing two videos on iTunes today; one for my favorite song on the album "Halo" and another for "Diva".

I for one am not a fan of "Diva" I think she is trying too hard and fails to channel her Rihanna or shall I say Sasha Fierce *que eye roll* with that track and it drives me insane.

"Halo" on the other hand is my ish. Apparently, it was meant for Leona Lewis but Bey dropped that major paper to have the writer tap dance right on over to her to drop the lyrics on her lap. Hey, what'd you expect? Its business nothing personal...right?

Check out Halo and Diva below!

You can't tell me this track doesn't speak to you...

Halo - Beyoncé

Diva - Beyoncé


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