Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Warner Music Group says "posse out"

According to Highbrid Nation, Warner Music group may be pulling out of a licensing deal with the online video mecca of the world (I should take Michael Buffer's job) YouTube. WMG wanted a higher rate on video's per play and YouTube wasn't having it (in my summation of course). My fav rappers Lupe Fiasco and T.I. both call WMG home to their music. What does this mean? All video's of artist who are under the WMG contract will not be posted on YouTube meaning unable to be viewed...NO LUPE??!!!

Personally, I think it is just the music business where music publishing companies, record labels, and artists always want more money than they already have. We are evolving as far as how we acquire and listen to music and so should the way artists and publishing companies get payed. YouTube has been getting a lot more traffic to their sites in recent years being that people now tend to watch music videos online more than on TV; that and everyone is obsessed with getting or watching other people get their 15 mins of fame, I'll sell mine if anyone is interested lol a sister got bills.

It is only fair that YouTube pay publishing companies more per video play because that will be another avenue for songwriters, artists, and said publishing companies to earn money being that music channels such as BET and MTV have cut down on playing videos in exchange for the overdose of useless reality TV, how else will they collect royalties?.

There clearly needs to be a balance, so stop being cheap YouTube and stop being greedy WMG! Find a common ground because I will just go crazy without my music video's!!...even if they do suck sometimes.

To read up more on this click here.

Side Order: Speaking of Lupe I suddenly have a music craving for some Superstar so here we go...

Superstar Feat. Matthew Santos - Lupe Fiasco


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