Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beyonce "Diva"

I found it! My long early morning search has payed off, thanks mr. worldpremier! So here is the video from Beyonce for her single "Diva" and as I reported, she released it via iTunes today but yall know I wasn't trying to pay for no video (sorry bey I don't even do that for Chaka Khan and I adore her). Anywho, the video shows off a more cockier side to lady bey and is in black and white. Seriously, it seems like every video these past 4months have been in black and white...ugh! but me likey much.

The video is hot but the song is not. Is it me or does all of her party-type songs sound alike?! Beyonce always knows how to put on a show and she's fun to watch. Hopefully those chandelier glasses do not become an epidemic like those 80's window blinds style glasses Kanye brought out..how annoying.

I give this video a yummy A for fun gangsta play and for Beyonce's ability to walk in those sky scrapers known as shoes... those heels were high!

Side Order: What is up with the bodies in the trunk?! Creepy...

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