Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beyonce "Halo"

BAM! found this one too lol I didn't have to look hard for it though. Here is the new video from Beyonce for her song Halo and I loves it.

It's so simple and pretty. Sorry Bey haters, but this video is quite angelic and sweet-esque on the eyes and ears; I give props where props are due. Michael Ealy stars along side Beyonce in this video looking scruffily cute :-).

Am I wrong to suggest that I think they make a great video couple?! *ducking behind table*. Come on lets be honest though, she does look REAl comfortable with Mike being all up in her personal arena. Either those acting classes have been paying off or bey is having way too much fun getting into character.

I give this video another yummy A for Beyonce continuously being the "hater aggravater" (as madaam Lola would say) by putting out quality ish..damn you Beyonce, damn you! lol

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