Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why Jamie Foxx Has His Daughter To Thank For His Blossoming Music Career

When it was first announced that actor/comedian Jamie Foxx would be releasing an album in 2005, some people probably snickered just a bit at the thought.

I for one, at first, took his appearance on Kanye West's single "Slow Jamz" not too seriously but eventually I warmed up to the idea of seeing Jamie with a mic in his hand and not only to hear jokes come out of his mouth.

In a recent interview, Jamie revealed that it was his daughter, Corinne, that helped his music career.

At first, Jamie planned to go down the usual R&B route, filling his album with slow lovey dovey jams.

But after Corinne insisted that he team up with younger artists to add a little pizazz to his music, that was the secret ingredient Jamie needed to secure not only two platinum albums under his belt, but also a Grammy.

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