Thursday, December 23, 2010

Keri Hilson Is Still Trying To Justify Her 'The Way You Love Me' Video

Some fans have yet to look past Keri Hilson's raunchy performance in her video for her song "The Way You Love Me"; therefore, the girl has to come up with new answers when asked about it.

In a recent interview with MTV when asked if she was surprised by the reaction she received after the video made its debut, Keri explained that the song is meant to be "empowering" and isn't about her being promiscuous but about her being with one guy for one night and telling him how she wants it...paraphrased of course.

In her words,

"In that record I'm talking about one guy, I'm talking about one night and this is what I want on this one night, and I'm not afraid to say it," she explained. "Not just sexual, I just mean whatever — open your mouth. That's empowering to me. That's what the song is about."
I'm not even sure if anyone was able to pay attention to the lyrics while watching the video, I know I wasn't. Plus, the song isn't all that great to even want to lend my ears to the words.

I think the problem with the video was the fact that it was a brand new Keri that none of us were exposed to. And to be honest, she really didn't need to reinvent herself or better yet go down that route. She always came off as a class act and her performance in the video was a thrust away from being a scene from a late night Cinemax movie.

Keri emanates a natural sexual aura, much like Ciara. Keri could just stand there and jaws will drop. But when her sexy is forced, the opposite happens.

She was better than that video, end of story.

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