Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Video: Usher Might Not Want Another Lapdance In NYC

At a recent show at Madison Square Garden during his OMG Tour stop, Usher was given a painful lapdance that saw the R&B crooners face becoming acquainted with a fans shoe.

While Usher's "Trading Places" set the mood, the eager female fan lifted her leg to straddle him, something I'm sure she imagined doing often in her mind. The problem with her fantasy/reality was that she didn't lift her leg high enough (flexibility is everything) and slapped Usher in the face with her foot.


You can catch the embarrassing but well executed recovery at the 9:28 mark.

Other than the mistaken assault, Usher got some great reviews for his show.

According to Entertainment Weekly,

"Sure, it was a long night. But how one could idly sit with such a dazzling display of James Brown shimmies, numerous explosions, and confetti raining just feet away is baffling. The show demanded respect. And Usher knew it."

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