Thursday, December 9, 2010

Keri Hilson Wouldn't Date A Rapper Because She Has A Brain

Keri Hilson stopped by late night host's Chelsea Lately's show last night to talk about her new album, what she has in common with the Kardashian's, and what she likes in a man.

When Chelsea inquired about if Keri would ever go out with a rapper, Hilson said that she wouldn't because rapper's are just not her type of men.

She cited the combination of them having wandering eyes for groupies (more or less), popularity, and money as a fear.

Keri also pointed out that she may not be the type of woman rappers seek because she may be more than they bargained for -- she has a brain.

[Skip to 4:11 to hear her state her case]

Where have I heard this before...oh that's right, Alicia Keys said the same thing about dating a rapper and look at her current reality. Granted Swizz is part producer, but he is a rapper.

Just proves that opinions and tastes change overtime, so lets give Keri some time, surely after that comment there are some rappers who are ready for that challenge.

Keri's new album No Boys Allowed is scheduled for release on December 21.

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