Sunday, July 4, 2010

[NEWS] Alicia Keys Takes A Fall At Essence Music Festival

One thing we can give Alicia Keys is the fact that she is a passionate performer that throws herself into her performances. When she hopped on top of her piano during her tribute performance of "Adore" to Prince at the BET Awards, everyone gasped collectively mainly because she was climbing for two.

Alicia Keys took to the stage once again at the Essence Music Festival in one of the performances that will be her last until she gives birth. During her performance of "Love Is Blind" the singer took a fall and landed on her back. Sources say that the fall was a soft one and that she and baby are fine, but could you imagine the thoughts running through people's minds when she hit the stage, literally?

A low quality video of the fall is here.

As far as her performance goes, the singer has received rave reviews for her organic performance style that did not include pyrotechnics or flashing underwear. Her Essence Music Festival performance is being touted as soulful and innovative as she jumped from a baby grand piano to a strap-on electric keyboard using them as trusty music sidekicks.

Videos and more photo's of hers and other artist performances will be posted when made available so stay tuned!...

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