Monday, July 5, 2010

Goodie Bag: Producer Timbaland Is Heavily Inspired By Arabic Music

When a person internet surfs, they often end up finding things they never set out to find in the first place. Here enters a new post series this video that I found on You Tube that aimed to "expose" rapper/producer Timbaland.

We all know that Hip-Hop artists and producers are known to sample. When I say sample, I mean to take a bit of something from somewhere and craft a beat around the sample, unless I've got the science all wrong. One of the producers who best does this is Kanye West, as there have been many times where I have wondered where and how he even knew some of these songs existed to sample in the first place.

Timbaland is a bit different as shown by the video. Instead of sampling bits and pieces, he takes the whole enchilada and adds heavy drums.

Maybe others knew of this already but this is as brand new to me as a fresh pair of socks.

It is no wonder that he said that Hip-Hop is no longer appealing to him...

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