Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lady Gaga Hates Clothes, Wears Bra/Panty Set From 'Telephone' Video To Ball Game

Let me just say that when Lady Gaga first started to rise in popularity I was a big fan. She was different and quirky and I loved that about her. Her style was on some next sh*t and I was impressed.

As far as the Lady Gaga now, give her a foot she'll take the whole damn skyscraper.

Last week, Lady Gaga was photoed at a Mets game dressed (I use that term loosely) in the same bedazzled bra and panty set she wore in the video for her song "Telephone."

Great for promotion I guess...but I mean really?!

Of course, that wasn't what caught everyones attention. It was the lovely middle finger gesture Gaga through at the cameras with joy I presume.

Oh Gaga, the more I try to understand you the more the thought of passing a kidney stone sounds like a day at the beach.

Still love you though, with all your randomness...

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