Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ginuwine Says The New School Artists Of Today Wouldn't Be Competition In His Prime

Ginuwine recently sat down with Vibe.com to discuss his new album, the leaking of a video he never intended for release (ahem, "Touch Me") as well as his relationship with Missy Elliot.

He and Missy are still cool although they don't speak more than 7 words to one another; as for the new LP, he is gearing up to release his seventh studio album.

In the interview, Ginuwine was asked if he felt that the likes of Chris Brown and Omarion would be able to keep up with him in his prime. Ginuwine said absolutely not (not necessarily in those words) also stating that even today no one can touch him when it comes to putting on a good show.

In your prime, could Omarion and Chris Brown hang with you?

I’m my prime? Nah. [Laughs] I would be shooting myself in the foot if I said “yeah.” When I did it, I thought I was the best at it, as I’m pretty sure they do. Whatever you do you have to believe first in yourself that you are the best. I still say even in this time that no one can see me in a full show. I’m pretty sure there’s people that can dance better than me, but I’m talking about a show that people come to see and they leave saying, “that was great, man.” I don’t believe there is no one that can touch me in that. No one now. The one that could touch me is dead; his name is Michael Jackson. Anybody else, no. Read More...

A good old school dance off would be ideal right now...

People can say what they want but, Ginuwine had the women at his fingertips after "Pony" dropped in the 90's.

I wasn't a fan of his last album A Man's Thoughts, but I am looking forward to his new album.

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