Monday, May 17, 2010

Unwrapped: Scans From Kelis's 'Flesh Tone' CD

Kelis' album Flesh Tone is slated for a July 6th release here in the US but the album has already hit shelves overseas.

An eager fan sent scans of the inside booklet to, showing Kelis in a bedazzled hooded dress and another of Kelis morphed into a dog from the waist down similar to an Egyptian Spinx.

I do believe that photo was to give PETA a good one two to the gut.

Continue below to check out the scans...

This is why I say that albums will always be in high demand. You don't get booklets when you download an album, all you get is the music. The album's cover, in my opinion, is very quintessential to fans gravitating towards the album; that of course is if they aren't sold alone on just the songs.

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Anonymous said...

Kelis looks hot I could have done without the dog pic

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