Monday, May 17, 2010

NEWS // Diddy Says He's 'The Champion Of Hip-Hop'

Diddy is the cover boy for XXL Magazine's June 2010 cover. This marks the very first time Diddy will appear on the cover of XXL.This in itself is very interesting considering that XXL has been gracing newsstands since 1997.

Anyhow, it isn't Diddy's appearance on the cover that is worth posting on, though he is quite the sight to see. It is what he says that may raise a few eyebrows.

When discussing his worth to Hip-Hop, Diddy says:

"I am the champion of hip-hop," Diddy says in the story. "Hands down, undisputed, I’m the undisputed heavyweight champion of hip-hop. We are going to have to deal with those facts. There is nobody that can fuck with me with what I do, which is getting busy. We are going across the board, as an entrepreneur, innovator, motivator. Who was there first? Who traveled to Europe first? The first. The first. The first. The first. I was the first." {Source}
At least he thinks highly of himself...

Without a doubt, Diddy has pioneered a few new sounds in Hip-Hop not to mention fashion trends...shiny suits anyone? Dubbing himself the champion of Hip-Hop sounds a little like he's patting himself on the back a bit too hard.

I would think that if a person were to give themselves that title they would be an all-around artist which also includes penning their own  lyrics. Diddy's a great entertainer I'll give him that, but I can't help having a gripe about him not writing his own songs.

There was a statement that KRS-One made in the Hip-Hop documentary The MC: Why We Do It.

KRS said that a part of a songwriter's soul is expressed when they write songs which is why they say you shouldn't sell written songs. What does that say about Diddy who buys songs, is he buying souls?...

This issue of XXL with Diddy on the cover is scheduled to hit newsstands June 1.

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