Thursday, March 4, 2010

TLC's Chilli Can't Find A Man, Here Enters Her Reality Show

It's called What Chilli Wants and the reality show is set to air on VH1. The show follows Chilli from the super group TLC as she sifts through men in an effort to find her soulmate. With the help of her friends, Chilli gets introduced to a list of professional men trying to find that special Mr. Right.

Exhaling at another reality show, I am a bit interested in tuning in. Chilli is a gorgeous woman, gorgeous, and even she is having problems finding a man for herself, shame on it all.

If you can recall which I'm sure you can, Chilli was once the apple of Usher's eye and it seems like it's been rocky ever since they called it quits.

They are telling her in the video that her standards are too high and that she is too picky, but I have to disagree. She knows what she wants and for the most part her list of wants aren't superficial so why should she go against her standards?

In any event, this show looks like it has a lot of potential as it is very relatable to single women of all races.

Everyone is getting a reality show these days.

Chilli's reality show will air April 11th.

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