Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beyonce's Latest Ads For 'House Of Dereon' + 'Dereon' Clothing Now In A Video Game

Many have counted Beyonce's clothing line with her mother Tina Knowles out for the count after it was reported that the line, House of Dereon, failed to perform well in retail stores. I have seen Dereon during my retail therapies and although the large logo's and bright gold designs didn't tickle my fancy, I must say that the jeans fit women like myself with curvature in the back devinely.

Showing and proving that Dereon is still kicking and alive, Beyonce released a few photo's of the new collection of House of Dereon which includes a lush green patterned dress, a studded denim skirt and a hot pink mini dress with a twist.


Speaking of House of Dereon, game lovers will get the chance to design their animated muses with clothing from Beyonce's clothing line. Owners of the fashion game Style Savvy for Nintendo DS who also have internet access can download some bonus fashions from Dereon.

Choosing from five real-life Dereon designs, you can design outfits for your game character.

The available fashions are DerĂ©on Pop Polo, "D’s Studded" Skinny Jeans, Sasha Fierce Short Shorts, D’s Ruffle Cropped Jacket and "All Zipped Up" Dress.

Beyonce's next game venture needs to be a dance game with Wii that incorporates her popular dances and her hit singles...wouldn't it be nice to get credit for my idea? 

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