Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lady Gaga + Gimmicks x Good Music = Success

We all can agree that Lady Gaga is not one to fall into the category of being a normal Pop star. She’s different. Weird even; but one thing that you can’t deny is that the “Poker Face” singer does the job of keeping her fans entertained both on and off the stage.

Before Lady Gaga’s domination of the genre, our views were limited to the sunny side of Pop. Britney Spears was the talk of the moment – sans random shaved head –doing the job of putting up the façade of a girl next door gone wild.

Katy Perry had the makings of taking the genre into her hands with her controversial style and choice lyrics, but it was the envelope pushing Lady Gaga that inevitably grabbed Pop by the horns to become the genres problem child, garnering enough attention to earn herself numerous comparisons to the Kings and Queens that ruled Pop in the past including Madonna.

One of the elements that turns us on (and some of us off) to Lady Gaga is the fact that she is a 24/7 gimmick. When she originally made her debut, she was known as the girl who refused to wear pants no matter the time, place, or weather.

Known to say the most random things in interviews including preferring both boys and girls, liking men just based on their…ahem…packages, and having rumors that claimed that she was a hermaphrodite, were just some of the things that kept our eyes peeled on this potential phenomenon with many inquiring and asking the infamous question; who exactly is Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga’s appearance has cooled down some with her adding pants to her wardrobe; but her fashion choices are still as bizarre probably even more, adding hair styles and accessories that defy the laws of gravity.

What’s great about her “gimmick” is the fact that it doesn’t seem like a gimmick; it honestly appears to be all Lady Gaga and all that her personality has to offer. Through her style before The Fame, pun intended, was much more relaxed and normal, this newly adopted weird, quirky and buzz worthy persona is so original, and well, Gaga.

Lady Gaga’s style is very gimmicky but the music is so much more than it all. She has learned to combine the essentials which are shock value paired with quality music to skyrocket to the top failing to show any signs of her reign letting up.

Her lyrics and hooks are catchy and there is a real human connection to her fans which makes her so personable. She’s a great talker and an awesome performer (who else do you know plays the piano with her foot), always managing to outdo herself each and every time she takes to the stage.

Gaga has managed to take a formula that has been used countless times, crafting it to fit her own original style. I think we can all agree that Lady Gaga is not much like other artists, nor do we think she wants to be. And we can’t deny that musically, she is a genius. As strange as Gaga’s creative batch may be, her key formula was the best fit for her and was her blueprint to success.

Is Lady Gaga more of a gimmick than a talented artist? I’d like to think that it is balanced. The gimmick baits fans and her music draws them in. Her artistry and her gimmicks without a doubt do well paired together, but to have one without the other would not be detrimental to Gaga’s career. Her fans would most likely love her the same just based off of her personality.

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