Wednesday, February 17, 2010

M.Y.'s Perfect 10: Top 10 Best R&B Duets

It seems that duets have become a lost art in R&B – a genre it does so well in. I found myself sitting and listening to the radio trying to understand why I felt music was a little dry. And then it occurred to me, there seems to be a shortage of quality duets between quality artists. I’m talking the kind of duets that make it on your list of favorites, the kind that makes you want to close your eyes and forget about your worries for just a minute, the kind of songs you play for that special person….or do people not do that anymore? Well to those that do, here are my top 10 duets (in no particular order) that are the best of the best.

Keke Wyatt & Avant “My First Love”

Keke Wyatt and Avant really represented on this remake of a classic. They demonstrated that if you have the talent, you could make a song your own, and without a doubt they owned this song.

Brandy & Monica “The Boy Is Mine”

“The Boy Is Mine” earned both Brandy and Monica a Grammy Award for their impeccable vocal performance and gave life to a pseudo-rivalry between the two. The best lyrics ever.

Luther Vandross & Cheryl Lynn “If This World Were Mine”

This song that was originally recorded by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell in the 60’s was eventually covered by Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn and sent it shooting up the charts during the early 80’s. This is an example of how R&B has changed over the years.

Wyclef Jean & Mary J. Blige “911”

This song is the truth on so many levels. The combination of Mary’s raspy vocals with Wyclef’s soulful voice made for a great duet.

Ne-Yo & Rihanna “Hate That I Love You”

Ne-Yo and Rihanna blended well on this project and brought out Rihanna’s positive vocal qualities. This is one of the songs that helped in catapulting Rihanna’s success.

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell “You’re All I Need”

Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s chemistry is just unmistakable in this song. Though the two were said to only be friends, to us they were the best duet couple on the planet.

Alicia Keys & Usher “My Boo”

One of the best duets during the early half of the 2000’s, “My Boo” said everything we couldn’t.

Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey “When You Believe”

This track boldly illustrated the beauty of both of the best vocalists in R&B. This was another track that had everyone convinced that these two were feuding; you can thank their marketing teams for that.

Donny Hathaway & Roberta Flack “The Closer I Get To You”

“The Closer I Get to You” is one of those songs that are not only always chosen for weddings but is also one of the ingredients in bringing some of y’all into this world *snickers*.

Janet Jackson & Blackstreet “I Get So Lonely” (Remix)

This is not quite a duet per se as this is a remix of Janet’s song “I Get So Lonely”; however, the addition of the supreme R&B group of the 90’s, Blackstreet, added some life to the track that sparkled on its own and turned it into a classic.

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