Thursday, February 18, 2010

Morning Ear Candy: Groove Theory 'Tell Me'

"If you thought I'd sleep on this
Boy you're wrong 'cause all I dream about is our first kiss
And you're the first one to make me feel like this
And this is one opportunity that I can't miss no, no"

Solange's recent cover of this single encouraged me to post the original so that the youngings can hear what the original sounds like.

 I remember in high school going to the record store and spending almost 2 hours trying to find their album. I couldn't remember the group's name and I couldn't recall the lead singer that I now know by heart (Amel Larrieux) name. Thankfully, there was a very soulful brother that was hip to R&B, the only one in the store that was, that recognized the little bit of chorus lyrics that I remembered at the time.

Just an example of how powerful good music is, it will have you in the record store like a crackhead looking for a music fix.

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