Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Melanie Fiona Album Coming This Fall

Melanie is ready to head back in the studio to put out another certified album. The singer that was recently nominated for a Grammy is not looking to take any breaks and is prepared to ride on her current wave of success.

Melanie told Vibe that the album is slated for a Fall release and will show her exploring a more Rock and Hip-Hop side of the spectrum.

Though she assures that she will still hang on to her soulful roots, she is looking to grow as an artist by exploring all that music has to offer.

"It’s still going to have a lot of the soul influence," she says. "I kind of want to explore a rock, more hip-hop kind of side. That's going to be fun, creating something new."

Definitely excited for Melanie's new album. Her debut The Bridge is really a great album from the first track to the last...I am head over heels in love with "Johnny" and of course "It Kills Me."

Melanie Fiona will be embarking on a tour with Alicia Keys via Alicia's "Element" tour that is scheduled to kick off in two weeks in Quebec, Canada.

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