Monday, February 22, 2010

Lil Wayne Is On Twitter & He Has New Teeth!

Yesterday must have been the day of firsts for Lil Wayne. The rapper, who is scheduled to appear in court in 8 days to receive sentencing for his gun charge, decided to create a new twitter and Ustream account.

He also took the time out to show off actual pearly whites...yes, real teeth!

So I was right after all about them knocking some of those shiny buzzards out, I must be psychic.

Apparently, he decided to keep the top half of his shiny grill. I'll take what I can get, just the sheer joy of seeing white teeth in Wayne's mouth is enough to suffice.

For all you Wayne fans out there that are interested in catching up with his thoughts before he heads out to jail, his twitter account is @liltunechi...go ahead and get your stalk on.

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