Saturday, February 20, 2010

You Can Keep The Sex Kitten, I'll Take A Vocalist Any Day

Much like life, music and the purveyors of the genres tend to change over time. I happen to love change and embrace all that it has to offer. That of course, all depends on if it is changing for the good or if it is changing for the bad.

The one thing that I have noticed that has changed a lot in music – and this really goes for all genres – is that being a sex kitten as a female artist is a must. You have to wear little to nothing and you’ve got to have the body for it. It appears that most music fans are not really interested in the artists that can sing but more so the artists that can satisfy our ocular cravings with their six-packs and bedroom eyes or their plumped-up cleavage and round derrieres.

Believe me, I’m no hater. I like a little eye candy here and there, who doesn’t? I say earn your money the best way you know how; however, as a music fan I prefer the vocalists over the sex kittens…and here’s why.

You see, the vocalist can get me through a tough spell. As a hardworking individual, I turn to the simple things in life that will bring me joy at little cost. Yes, it would be great to go to a spa every once in a while to relieve tension and stress, but to be honest, I don’t have spa money…it’s hard enough getting manicure money.

Music makes me happy and hearing a great vocalist makes me even happier.
When I say vocalist, I’m not talking about any female singer that can hold a note or two. That may be fine for the club or in a car with the volume up to the highest notch with the bass drowning out their subpar vocals; but sometimes I just want to listen to a vocalist on my iPod on my way to the market or just when I’m preparing a meal and not feel the urge to skip over their song.

A vocalist has a one of a kind voice that is far from 2D; their voices are multi-dimensional. Sometimes a microphone isn’t needed for them to project their voices to an arena full of screaming fans, a cappella. This male or female is able to draw you in with every note that they hit beginning with their first and ending with their last, leaving you musically satisfied and thankful for whatever time they just took up.

The passion and feeling they feel when they are in the booth laying down their vocals are perfectly reflected on the track. And what’s great about the finished product is that it can be listened to over and over again, for years, without ever growing tired of their sound.

While the sex kitten may be good for the eyes, the vocalist is great for the soul and then some. A song from a vocalist can bring back memories, especially if said song was recorded years ago. Their songs can capture the moment and seal them in a mental time-capsule made just for your mind.

At first when I first got this thought, I was convinced that maybe I was just being too old school, clinging to the past. People are always asking why music can’t be the way that it was when they were growing up. Why couldn’t artist make music like the Al Green’s, the Aretha Frankiln’s, the Michael Jackson’s, or the Aaliyah’s? Those who are quite satisfied with the present sound insist that music is just changing and that those hanging on to the past need to deal with it.

Normally it wouldn’t raise any flags in my mind when these questions are asked; but when they are being asked by music fans that are 17 or 18 year old – sometimes even younger – you can’t help but to think if the change is just bigger than age and generation.

The one thing about a vocalist that the sex kittens of today can never achieve and will probably rack their brains trying to figure out, is the fact that a vocalist is timeless and this applies to in presence as well as in style.

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