Saturday, February 6, 2010

Keke Wyatt opens up about the controversial stabbing incident with ex-husband

For most of 2001, Keke Wyatt was the premiere artist with the golden vocals to boot. Most known for her duet with singer Avant for his song “My First Love” and later for her flawless cover of Patty Labelle’s “If Only You Knew”, Keke was certainly at the top of her game and was considered one of the best vocalists the genre of R&B had to offer.

Unfortunately during the latter part of 2001, Keke’s career and reputation was hit with some drama after it was reported that the singer allegedly stabbed her now ex-husband and road manager, Rahmat Morton, on Christmas Day.

Following the event, the bevy of stories that emerged were immense, with gossip mavens adding their tilt of the truth for views, which ranged from Keke serving time to Morton having part of a steak knife, allegedly used by Keke, removed from his back.

Some have even used the event and Keke’s name for kicks and giggles.

Keke recently took the time to address the controversial event by giving her reasons behind her actions also revealing that if she could, she would have handled the situation differently.

Samantha G.: Going back to 2001 when word got out that you allegedly stabbed your husband on Christmas morning; do you feel that the situation was blown out of proportion?

Keke Wyatt: It was definitely blown way out of proportion. It did happen, I was backed into a corner and yes, I did stab him, but it was with the smallest knife you could ever think of. When I tell you they blew it out of proportion, they tried to say that I had a butcher knife, a machete; girl, I heard it all. It was a tiny little paring knife that you would peel an apple or cut the peel off of an orange… It was simply to protect myself. I’m not going to sit here and lie, I did it, but it was to protect me.

SG: So they did blow it out of proportion?! You hear so many different stories from different places…

KW: Oh yeah. I heard that he was dead, I heard that he was on a breathing machine, I heard that I was in prison; there’s no way that I could have had two more babies within that time. I have a 9-year old; he was 1 at the time, a 6-year old and a 1-year old all by my ex-husband. He’s breathing just fine; it wasn’t even big enough to do any harm. It was basically a scare tactic to get him away from me.

SG: Looking back at it now, would you have handled it differently?

KW: I definitely would have handled it way differently. I’ve realized that I am a role model out here for young girls because so many young girls come up to me and their like “oh my god I love you, I want to be just like you” and I’m like oh god I wish that none of that had happened but at the same time I feel it did happen. It made me stronger, I grew up from it, and I have a story to tell. I’m able to tell young girls that if you see any signs of abuse or neglect, just get out of it as soon as possible. If I could take it back I would, but at the same time I wouldn’t because I would have never learned from it.

Keke Wyatt is gearing up to release her new album Who Knew which has a scheduled release date set for February 23, 2010.

The singer is also tapped to team up with Avant to release a duets album. The album has a tentative release date set for later this year.

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