Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why American Idol Will Bring A Singer Back To Reality

American Idol premiered last night and of course it started with the audition period where thousands and thousands of hopeful singer's perform their best covers for the judges.

Honestly, I didn't watch the premiere last night. I have been American Idoled out for sometime now and wasn't interested in what the show had to offer this season; and you know it's bad when you don't even want to tune in for the auditions which is the most interesting part of the show besides the finale.

One of the contestants that appeared on the show was a young man who claimed to be 20 but looked 30, but I digress.

Armed and ready, Lamar went in singing Seal's "Kiss From A Rose." Keep in mind that this man said prior to his audition that he would respect the judges opinions and loved taking constructive criticism.

Boy did he lie through his teeth.

After the judges voted no to the idea of sending him to Hollywood officially entering him into the competition, Lamar started to cuss and throw a tantrum ending his stay by saying that Mary J. Blige, who was one of the judges, could not sing anyway.

All I know is that if I were one of the judges, he would've choked me because my critique would have been far worst.

It's not that he can't sing, he has potential, its that he's doing too much in one breath making it a nuisance to hear him sing especially when he's trying to belt out Seal's classic record and Stevie Wonder's"My Cherie Amour." That was what the judges tried to explain to him through his bout with cussing and singing.

Turrets at its finest.

Note to future American Idol wannabes: Behave yourself in front of company.

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