Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maxwell Is Determined To Help His Hometown Of Haiti

Since the catastropohic earthquake that occured in Haiti last week, people all over the country and the world for that matter have been stepping up to help heal the troubled country.

Singer Maxwell is one more celebrity that is throwing his hat and his heart into the ring. According to BVNews, Maxwell recently attended an emergency meeting organized by President Bill Clinton last week to help create solutions to help combat the destruction the earthquake caused.

Maxwell is urging fans to donate whatever they can to aid his hometown of Haiti (Maxwell's mother is Haitian) in their time of meed.

"I was in a room with all kinds of incredible people from all sorts of different backgrounds, all working on solutions - artists, financiers, disaster specialists and Haiti experts like Dr. Paul Farmer, the public health specialist who is a United Nations Deputy Special Envoy to Haiti," he said.

"Many ideas were discussed that are at this moment being put into action. While the immediate focus is on humanitarian aid and saving lives, the ultimate goal is to rebuild Haiti so that all Haitians can make their country a better place to live for all."

The 'Pretty Wings' singer says that he's committed to assisting President Clinton and that raising money is "the most important thing to do now."

"...The easiest way to do it is through text messaging, but other ways to help include donating to organizations such as the Clinton foundation, Unicef, Red Cross and Wyclef's charity Yele Haiti."

I think in the coming weeks and months, a lot of celebrities will be coming out to show support.

One thing that I have to say is that I had no clue that Maxwell was Haitian.

I knew that he was half Caucasian and West Indian, but never knew that he was raised in Haiti.

There will be a lot of famous actors, actresses as well as artists that are Haitian that we will see coming out of the woodworks, interesting they barely represented before.

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