Thursday, November 5, 2009


Here is the new video from Trey Songz for his song "I Invented Sex" off of his album Ready in stores now.

Um...soft porn anyone? Call me uptight but I was not at all impressed. First off, I am not the type of girl to get hot when seeing a man sucking and licking on camera in a music video, I think its quite nasty and tacky actually.

Secondly, all we got was a bunch of rolling around in bed with a bit of seduction via ice cubes, what happened to scenery? Seeing elongated saliva is not sexy. I hate it when male artists try too hard. Maxwell did a far better job at being sexy yet leaving enough to the imagination in his video for "Bad Habits" that co-starred Kerry Washington and they were doing just as much touching in caressing. I guess videos like this aren't targeted at women like myself, if I were still in high school or even college maybe this would have tickled my fancy a bit.

The video was way to predictable, however, it did stay true to the title of the song. If it helps, Trey's tattoos are nice.

Video Rating: A yummy C.

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