Monday, October 19, 2009

Kanye West's Short Film - We Were Once A Fairy Tale

Before this I thought I had seen it all, I was painfully mistaken. Presenting We Were Once A Fairy Tale, which is Kanye West's short film starring him and directed by Spike Jonze with cameos from other well known celebs who you will notice during the coarse of the video.

Kanye plays a tortured artist that finds himself lost in his talent, this is the part that makes sense; after that things just get worst. Everything from him waking up on a lounge chair with no pants on after having sex with a very friendly vanishing woman to him cutting some type of rat creature out of his stomach only to give it a sword to kill itself, turns the film into a real head scratcher.

I've always admired Kanye for his abstract thinking and the fact that he is not a follower but a leader. This video has me more confused than when I took calculus in college, now that's pretty perplexing. I'm sure the film has a hidden meaning that I can't wait to find out. As for now, this is a bit weird Kanye.

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