Monday, October 26, 2009

Alicia Keys' album gets pushed back

Didn't think that Alicia could ever experience this, but it seems like The Element of Freedom will not be released on December 1st as planned. Alicia's album will reportedly be released on December 15th instead.

Some are crediting the lack of buzz her new single "Doesn't Mean Anything" has received. I can see how that could be, I personally don't like the song and think that it isn't one of Alicia's best work.

The obvious reason would be the supposed love triangle Alicia has put herself into with Swizz Beatz and his ex-wife Mashonda. Surely her not speaking about it has left a few people sour, not that it is any of our business.

At any rate, hopefully the next single Alicia releases will have a little more soul and a beat that is worth while.

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