Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jay-Z on David Letterman

Jay-Z recently appeared on David Letterman to promote his new album Blueprint 3 that hit stores Tuesday, September 8th.

Jay brought his funny and charismatic game to the table that had the crowd submerged in kicks and giggles.

Speaking of rappers and interviews, did you guys catch 50 Cent on CNBC?

People can say what they want, Curtis Jackson is a very intelligent man. Who else can build a multi-million dollar empire in such a short period of time? I have always been a fan of Curtis Jackson, it is that damn 50 Cent I detest.

He was on the show to promote his new book 50th Law. I love books so I might just stop by Barnes & Nobel and pick up my copy, there has to be some dropped jewels in those pages.

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