Friday, August 28, 2009

Michael Jackson tribute block party moved to Prospect Park in Booklyn, NY

The MJ tribute block party to commemorate Michael's 51st birthday (which would have been tomorrow) will go down in Brooklyn's acclaimed Prospect Park tomorrow August 29th, 2009. It will be thrown by famed director Spike Lee. Our Borough President Marty Markowitz--that spoke at my college graduation, he's a riot--will proclaim tomorrow "Michael Jackson Day".

I might drop by being that I will be in the area to see what the festivities have to offer, I do love me some Prospect the day time; once that sun goes down you will not see me near it, but I digress.

The weather is said to be a down pour but organizers assure that the event will occur come rain or shine. 10,000 people are said to make a turn-out. To my knowledge, the event will still start at noon and end at 5pm. Make sure y'all show your support, I hear Spike payed $11,000 to get the permit to hold the event in the park; now that's Brooklyn love.

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