Friday, August 28, 2009

Chris Brown breaks "probation rules", will appear on Larry King Live

I mean...geez Chris! It hadn't been 24 hours into his probation when Chris broke one of the rules. Apparently, his visit to a club the night he was sentenced was not allowed due to the rules stating that he was too young to be in a club...really America?!

That didn't stop him or any other underage celebrity before. Was it not Drew Barrymore partying all the time and racking up an alcohol problem at the age of 9? Chris, and the rest of young Hollywood, have been partying in clubs from the time their pens hit their label contracts; not saying it's right, I'm just saying it just to say it. I thought only us common folks had to abide by the law, who knew?

In other news, Chris will be appearing on CNN's Larry King Live Wednesday, September 2nd at 9pm. This will be the first interview since the February 8th incident with Rihanna, so you know I will be front and center with eyes glued to the flat screen with my popcorn with sea salt in hand. Something tells me Larry's ratings will blow through the roof.

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