Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yummy Rumors in 4..3..2..1...

So this comes as a request from a few of the loyal readers of MusicallyYummy.com who anonymously e-mail me rumors and gossip about Hip-Hop and R&B artists. I have been telling people that this is NOT a gossip site, yet I still get e-mails with juicy tidbits about certain artists and their dealings.

Now, I happen to love reading gossip sites and blogs but love the music more than the gossip; however, I decided to add this little installment that will give you your artists gossip as a quickie instead of a long drawn out post.

The info provided in Yummy Rumors in 4 are just that, rumors, and will be posted each week. They may not be true and they may be right on point. I will do my very best to link to articles that have the rumor confirmed. So lets get started...

1. Swizz Beatz confirms he and Alicia Keys' relationship, in the form of a song. Soon to be ex-wife Mashanda *I think* is of course not too pleased with Ms. Keys painting a very vivid picture of her being a man stealing home wrecker. Seems like this rumor has been looming for 2 years now!

2. Yung Joc got into a little trouble with Katt Williams and Co. He plans on outing a male celebrity that is currently on the down low and really likes playing with men today on his twitter.

3. Keyshia Cole won't be making songs about having her heart broken for some time, she has officially gotten herself a new man, Cavaliers own Daniel Gibson.

4. Russell Simmons is suing Def Jam.

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