Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yummy Pics: Rihanna goes goth

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Rihanna was spotted outside of Gramercy Park hotel here in NYC yesterday afternoon dressed in a get up fit for a witch. I was doing my daily web surfing this AM and came across these photo's on numerous websites. On almost all of them they are criticizing Rihanna's attire saying that she's fallen off. I really don't see the problem. Rihanna has always wore clothing that people would normarly view as ridiculous and people have acknowledged it as being "fierce" and "fashion forward" this doesn't look any different from what she usually wears....
If I walked out the house looking like this *in broad daylight* I would most likely get arrested for indecent exposure Rihanna does it-it is seen as the norm, the perks of being rich. Oh and keep in mind, it was a bit brisk in NYC yesterday.

Hopefully the streaks are just a phase, then again Rihanna has never given a what-for about what people have to say about her style.

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