Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Seriously, can Michael Jackson do 50 shows?

Reports and his doctors are screaming nay to that. According to The Sun, Michael is far too weak and frail to perform an entire 50 shows, they're not even sure if he can perform at all.

It is being reported that Michael has been ordered to bulk up if he plans on taking to the stage with live animals and his 12 year old son, Prince *yes, I am serious*. Michael is battling an old back injury, a skin infection, and wears a mask to keep the bugs away; and to top it all off, he refuses to eat large portions of food but eats "like a bird". If he doesn't gain the pounds the show may not go on. He is said to be 20 lbs underweight.

I just don't know how he does it. I could not let food go to waste, I like to think of myself as eating like a cow; eating like a bird would be what I do on my way to the train station. Why have all that money if you're not going to eat?

Can't say that I am surprised at all of his ailments, pictures don't lie. The man has always looked a little on the if-a-wind-blows-there-he-goes side. It's no wonder insurance companies were not looking to mess with Mike they knew something wasn't right. Hopefully he can get his ish together and start eating and caring for himself not only for the 50-shows but for his own personal health. Oh how I miss little Michael from the Jackson 5.

In other MJ news....

The girl that played along side Michael in his infamous "Thriller" video is taking him to court. The playboy centerfold, Ola Ray *who was busted for cocaine in 92'*, claims that she has received minimal untimely compensation for her appearance in the video and wants to collect royalties, she is now 48 years old. Whew, determined much?! More like greedy got paid what more would you like? Ola stopped working after she did "Thriller" because she refused to give sexual favors to producers ~side eye~ It happened back then too!

I don't know about her getting any royalties that's a far stretch; How much does she think she is entitled to? Imagine if all video girls thought like this, rappers and musicians alike would be in trouble. The video was shot in the early 80's when the buck was worth less than it is today. At most she'll probably get $1000 for her screaming and eye batting in the video. I say be happy with what you got, who gets royalties as a model from a video they appeared in? I clueless on this?

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