Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Video Premiere: Cam'ron ft. Skitzo & Byrd Lady-Cookies-N-Apple Juice/Silky

Here is the video from Cam'ron for his song "Cookies-N-Apple Juice". The video also plays out into a short snippet of "Silky"'; the beat for it is a sample from King Floyd's "Groove Me", a classic song by the way.

I am so mad at this video, that wasting words on it would be too much. First of all, the low budgetness of the video I can take and the massive T&A I can tolerate but all at the same time is just unbearable. BET might as well bring back their Uncut series just for Cam. Next, how dare he make a sample out of "Groove Me"! Some classics need to remain untouched by the producer butchers in the world.

Video rating: A yummy C-.

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