Thursday, May 21, 2009

Video Premiere: Beyonce-Ego

Here is the new video from Beyonce for her song "Ego" off of her album I Am...Sasha Fierce.

I never thought I would see the day when Beyonce would make a sub par video. When I thought of the song "Ego" and what the video would look like, dancing was not one of the thoughts that came to mind. I was anticipating straight glamor shots paired with the cutest male models she could find on this god green earth.

Again she used the three girl theme that kind of got played out after her "Diva" video which was on point from the gold platted mannequins all the way to the c-note Chinese fan. This video on the other hand was boring. I will give her props though, girl knows how to cope with the recession by doing low budget videos, I am not mad at all.

....I really must ask, what exactly was going on in her backyard? Something just seemed off.

Video Rating: A yummy C.

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